TRAVEL TIPS: How to Get Visa Upon Arrival in Ukraine?

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Know the latest information about getting a Visa Upon Arrival in Ukraine, and travel to the country that has empires as neighbors.

Ukraine is the place where the culture they share with Russia was born. Kievan Rus, which was a nation that emerged in the Middle Ages but disintegrated in the 12th century.

The cost of the visa has been reduced from $100 in 2017 when I went to Kiev to $90, so is more accessible if you like to visit Ukraine. If you like also the eVisa you can get prior to arrival for $65.

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Get eVisa to visit Ukraine

My Story Getting the Visa Upon Arrival in Ukraine

Now that you have a better idea about getting the Visa Upon Arrival in Ukraine. Let me tell you what happened to me when I passed from theory to practice πŸ˜‰

The reason why I traveled to Kiev was due to the Eurovision Song Contest that was celebrated back in 2017.

I started my flight from Barajas Aiport in Madrid via Frankfurt to Kiev. Before arriving in Kiev I got some issues at the Frankfurt airport. It was 5 am in Madrid when I was taking the first plane to Kiev with a connection in Frankfurt.

I remembered that I was excited about my journey to Kiev but after passing the Pass Control in Frankfurt I was waiting on the gate for the second plane in the connection to Kiev when the people of Lufthansa ask the passenger to come and have a final check out.

When it was my turn the people of the airline did not allow me to pass since they were telling that I needed the visa before getting to Kiev and that would not be able to take the plane. 

I explained them to check well since I read on the site of the Ukrainian Government that I needed to be at the airport for that since they checked with the people of the airport they allowed me to take the plane to Kiev. 

When I first arrived in Boryspil from my flight of Lufthansa in the morning I did not know where to go after the plane landed so the first thing that I saw was the Passport Control so I headed myself there to ask.

I walked to the Passport Control and when it was my turn I noticed that all people there were from the Ukranian Army since the city was with more military due to the celebrations of the Eurovision Song Contest Kiev 2017. 

I was with a lady and I asked her where I would be able to get the visa so she asked her partner that was next to her what she should do with my Salvadorean passport that she checked at least 5 times if not more. 

Then she asked another lady from migration to come and she explained the situation so she guided me to the Visa upon Arrival Office which was a few steps after a came out from the plane I felt so dumb at that moment.

When I was there a gentleman took me a picture which was needed for the Visa Request then after that, he gave me a form to fill and a pen. 

I noticed that there were few people asking for the visa. I was curious about the way to fill out the form since I was going to be there twice when coming back from Moscow to Madrid but at the end that was not needed it. 

After filling the form I filled another one on the computer and when finished I had to pay $103 which was the cost of the Visa and despite the fact of paying that amount it was not guaranteed that the visa was going to be approved. 

To be honest I don't know the reasons why this visa would not be approved but fortunately, it got approved.

But one thing is for sure I would like to travel again to Kiev and know other cities in Ukraine 😍

TIP πŸ˜‰: IMPORTANT! when requesting the Ukranian Visa. You have to have the hotel reservations, and flight tickets in order to prove that you're going to stay a few days in the country and that you don't have intentions to stay.

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