TRAVEL TIPS: 3 Things You Should KNOW before TRAVELING

Know these things before traveling
Check these 3 Things you should Know before Traveling to enjoy your next trip with no problems.

1 Bank Limitations

One of the things you should know and also do before traveling is to call your bank advising them about your trip since your debit or credit card might be blocked by them in case of suspicious transactions.

And you might be getting in trouble of not having the money there available.

One thing that can happen also is that you travel to a country that does not have financial relations with your origin country and you won't be able to use your debit or credit card.

This happened to me when I had my transit flight in Belarus. I knew in advanced that my card wouldn't be working there since I called my bank before but still. I did not prepare for that until it happened.

One tip that I can give is to have always cash handy and before waiting for your next flight and check any possible Exchanger before entering the area of the gates.

2 Know the Plug where you go

The plugs don't work the same around the world in this is really important when you rely on technology for traveling.

Is really important to be prepared for this prior getting on board for your next adventure rather than losing time on your trip looking for an adapter of your plug,

Here I show you below the different types of plugs around the world in order to be prepared.

3 Travel Insurance

Another thing you must know is that some countries require Travel Insurance to stay there.

This is in the case that any accident happens to you during your stay in those countries. Is better to prevent rather be having troubles in case something happens.

My advice, in this case, look for the better Travel Insurance and have it handy in case they ask you in the Passport Control of the country where are heading to.

Travel insurance needed in these countries
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