6 Helpful Accessories when TRAVELING

Accessories needed for traveling

Here are 6 Helpful Accessories when traveling that you would like to check before your next adventure.

Before I talked about 6 Accessories for luggage that you can read as well. πŸ˜…

These accessories are really helpful on various activities that you are going to go through when traveling. I also check some recommendations on Amazon for you check them. These accessories can be used also in your daily routine. 😍

1 Money Belt

Money Belt for traveling

As I mentioned on 6 Accessories for Luggage, the Money Belt is an accessory where you can place securely your money.

Great accessory to hold not only your money but also your bank cards, tickets or other valuable documents that you don't like to have exposed on your wallet.

2 Travel Plug Adapter

Plug Universal Adapter

The Travel Plug adapter is one of the most needed accessories when traveling. Especially when you are traveling from America to Europe.

Finding your self looking for the type of plug that they use can be easier than you think. If you would like to know more about the Plug Types around the world you can read also 3 Things You Should Know before traveling.

So having on Adapter that can provide the most common plug types around the world can be really useful.

3 Travel Luggage Scale Weighting

Travel Luggage Scale

A Luggage Scale Weighting is an accessory that I wish I could've had on my previous trip since. I was on the hurry of knowing if I had passed the 20 - 23 kg for my luggage and at the end, it turned out that I was like 2 - 4 kg below.

So definitely is an accessory that can be really helpful when you are thinking in ahead of not going over the luggage weight limit.

4 Smartphone Tripod

Universal Tripod

A Smartphone Universal Tripod can be really useful when you are traveling alone and you want to take more than a selfie to the places where you go.

Also, is an excellent addition when taking photos at night since it provides more stability for your camera or smartphone.

5 Power Bank

Power Bank

A Power Bank is also another accessory that is a must when traveling since it provides you the peace of mind that you are not going to run out of battery with your phone or camera.

But also another recommendation is to have it there. Once when I was at Red Square, Moscow taking photos a regret it that I left it at the hotel. Since I  ran out of battery on my smartphone and even though that did not matter when you are enjoying the place. 

It can be tough if you don't know the place well, fortunately, I remembered where to go and the Moscow Metro is really friendly when you don't know that much Russian.

6 Travel Bag

Travel Bag

Last but not least...

A travel bag is not the less needed from the list since you can save them on your travel bag. Something that has to be easy to carry on when going your travel routes.

You have to choose that feed your needs and that you think is going to be easy to carry on and not something that is going to bother you.

Also, the travel bag can be a place where you can save also important documents when getting to the airport like your Passport, flight reservations, and others.

Remember when traveling feel yourself comfortable and enjoy everything. Take photos, share that moment with family and friends but also enjoy the moment for you.

I hope you have enjoyed the article and have taken ideas for your next trip. πŸ˜‰

Do you think that I have missed one? Which one would you add?


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