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New York to London in 90 minutes?

Hermeus is promising to take flights to the next level after the Concorde Era ended back in 2003.

With 50 seconds, video on their Youtube Channel is promising that in a few years we will be able to flight from New York to London in 90 minutes.

"Hermeus, an aerospace technology company founded in 2018, is developing aircraft capable of flight in excess of Mach 5 - over 3,000 miles per hour. At Mach 5, flight times from New York to London will be reduced from 7 hours to 90 minutes. The vision of the company is to connect the world’s cities significantly faster than ever before."

With a speed of 3800 miles per hour (6115 km per hour). That's about 3 times faster than the Concorde which has its last flight on November 26th, 2003. On the Concorde Era, the aircraft was able to connect cities under 3 and a half hours.

Hermeus estimates that the flight ticket from a route like New York-London would be around $3000 or 2700 € one-way (standard business class costs) but the goal is to make it affordable.

“That’s just a starting point though,” Piplica explained. “After our first commercial aircraft is flying, we’ll continue to innovate on the core technology set to improve efficiency and bring this capability to a broader customer base.”

What do you think about this visionary vision of flights?

Would you think is more reachable this kind of aircraft rather the Hyperloop?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section.😉 


  1. Interesting! I would not want to be on the first flight they do though lol.

    1. Yes, it would be awsome to be first ones to try that kind of flight.


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