TRAVEL TIPS: 6 Things you should DO before TRAVELING

Check these 6 Things you should DO before TRAVELING to have no issues when you get on your next adventure.

In some cases, when traveling you might be getting some problems and knowing some things that others have experienced before are going to be a good guidance on your next trip.

Let's take a look on our list:

1 Travel Insurance 

Travel insurance is for sure one of the things that you have to have in mind when traveling since some countries require this to enter.

Is better to check while preparing your next trip, the countries that you are going to check on the requirements. 

Also, a Travel Insurance provides you the peace of mind that if something happens during your trip, you can have some response depending on which Travel insurance you have chosen.

In some cases, when passing the Passport Control you might be asked to show if you have your Travel Insurance, so have it always handy.

Travel Insurance

2 Prepare your accessories and luggage

Preparing your thing before your next adventure can be one of the most challenging things. Since you don't like to be preparing your luggage at the airport when you go over the luggage weight limit.

Have in mind the number of days of your trip, to prepare the basis like shoes, a pair of jeans, some t-shirts any formal cloth if you are going to a meeting, maybe you might be saving some space to things that you are planning to buy in the places you visit.

Another thing you can do before traveling is to mark your luggage with special marks to know which is your luggage when you arrive at your destination.

3 Call your Bank

Call your bank before any trip

One of the things you should know and also do before traveling is to call your bank advising them about your trip since your debit or credit card might be blocked by them in case of suspicious transactions.

And you might be getting in trouble of not having the money there available.

One thing that can happen also is that you travel to a country that does not have financial relations with your origin country and you won't be able to use your debit or credit card.

This happened to me when I had my transit flight in Belarus. I knew in advanced that my card wouldn't be working there since I called my bank before but still. I did not prepare for that until it happened.

One tip that I can give is to have always cash handy and before waiting for your next flight and check any possible Exchanger before entering the area of the gates.

Having cash handy also applies during your trip in the case your credit or debit card are lost or stolen. Always have an amount of money have there in those scenarios.

4 Pre-Check your flight

Getting nervous about getting closer to your adventure. Keep Calm that you are traveling and you might have everything in order.

Is better always to pre-check your flight by calling the airliner that you are traveling with or download the app of the airliner to pre-check your flight and get an electronic flight ticket to show at the airport.

By doing this you are going to same some minutes before your flight in the case you get close to the departure time.

5 Have your Passport and Reservations Ready


Before getting to your next journey check always that you have your flight reservations but must important to have your passport ready and handy.

In the case, you are old school like even though it might not sound ecological you can print all your flight and hotel reservations on a paper for you and your family in order for them to help you out even though the distance with that information, or in the case you are running out of battery on your mobile.

Remember also that in the Passport Control areas the use of the smartphone and cameras are not allowed, have that in mind also whenever probing the reasons for your trip.

Another thing that you can have printed is your Travel Insurance in case this is requested by the Passport Control Agent.

6 Arrive early to the Airport

Getting on time to the Airport

As well as getting your luggage prepare this can or cannot be an easy task. 

Getting on time to the airport can save you from large lanes, as well as getting ready before others. Have your luggage store on time and avoiding to get you luggage delay in another flight.

If you think that you will be getting bored, get your mobile charge or walk at the airport. Have a meal or rest before your flight takes off.

Some airports nowadays are like a shopping center or even better than that in which you get to watch some TV, charge your smartphone, rest on a bed, some of them have gardens like the Singapore Airport.

In the case, you don't have any facility at the airport to charge your phone think of a Backup battery, this also can be really useful during your trip on places where you don't have electricity and you would like to have your cellphone working.

What do you think about this To-DO list of things before traveling?
Do you think we have missed one or two?

Share it if you like it and comment below to know your thoughts about it 😊


  1. Thanks a lot for the advice.My favourite is 'Arrive early at the airport' because i lost 2 flights this year because of my stupidity. I learned my lesson. Never arrive just in time and never buy a ticket with less than 2h connection.

  2. Thanks for giving me you comment and also to see that you like one of my advises. Have a great time! =D


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