23 Harry Potter Places to Visit

23 Harry Potter places to visit

Did you know that 20 places are in the United Kingdom where the movies of Harry Potter were filmed? 

If you would like to live the Harry Potter experience and know-how the movies were filmed. You can check this list of Harry Potter places to visit and feel how the magic of the movie comes to you on each of them.

From those 20 places, 12 are in London, 2 in Oxford and the rest spread in all the United Kingdom from Gales beaches to the Alnwick Castle in Northumberland. 

Outside the United Kingdom, you will be able to find the Harry Potter World Park in Orlando Florida and Livraria, a shop in Oporto, Portugal. 

 Let's check out these Harry Potter places to visit now.

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1 The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, Orlando Florida

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is where all dreams come alive to the fans of the Saga of Harry Potter movies. 

This park rinds tribute to many of the places that were shown in the movie like the Hogsmeade city, Diagon Alley. Also, you and your family can enjoy the Hogwarts Express and feel the magic of taking the train like Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione did at Platform 9 3/4. 

Feel the experience of drinking Butter Beer at Three Broomsticks and don't forget to buy the merchandising of Harry Potter.

United Kingdom


2 King's Cross

9 3/4 Platform at King's Cross Harry Potter Places to visit
1000things-london.com 9 3/4 Platform at King's Cross

If you are planning to visit London don't forget to visit King's Cross Station where the emblematic 9 3/4 Platform is. 

Take yourself and post it on Instagram or in a Story to have a great memory of that moment. 

There is also a Harry Potter store for you to get merchandising as well.

3 Georgian House Hotel

If you are looking to stay in a Harry Potter thematic hotel. Then the Georgian House Hotel is the place you are looking for. 

Each room has been designed to be like a real castle. The hotel has wizard chambers were you can access from a secret door behind a library. 

Besides the decoration, these rooms have all the necessary for you to be a real wizard.

4 Warner Brothers Studio

If you ever travel to London and living the Harry Potter experience don't forget to put on your list the Warner Bros Studios in London.  

You will be able to enjoy how the movies were produced and all the special effects. 

Walkthrough the Great Hall, step in the Night Owl Bus and visit the Number 4 of Privet Drive, the Dursley home where Harry Potter started his magical journey and the Diagon Alley. 

Enjoy also Butter Beer like in the movie!

5 Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus Harry Potter Places to visit
Wikipedia image from Piccadilly Circus

One of the most memorable scenes in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is were Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron were running through the West End of London at Piccadilly Circus. 

Do you remember the scene where our 3 heroes had to get out of their way to dodge a bus?

6 Millennium Bridge

Millenium Bridge Harry Potter Places to visit
AWN image from Millenium Bridge

This famous piece of architecture saw its death on the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Part 1. 

Feel the views of London from the Thames River. As you were able to see in the movie is a great place to be and walk if you are in London. 

Remember to feel the experience.

7 Reptile House, London Zoo

Reptile House at London Zoo Harry Potter Places to visit
Sutori.com image from Reptile House at London Zoo

The Reptile House at London Zoo is where Harry Potter discovers for the first time his magical powers and also the capacity to talk with snakes in the Philosopher's Stone. Home of 650 species. 

You will get the chance to talk with a different variety of mammals, birds, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes when you visit the zoo.

8 St. Pancras Station

St Pancras Station Harry Potter Places to visit
Image from Familiasenruta.com

At the side of King's Cross station, there is the favorite station in London. 

St Pancras International. From the outside the gothic facade that was the place where the Wesley's Anglia Ford takes off in Harry Potter and the Secret Chamber.

9 Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market Harry Potter Places to visit
Image from the City of London Corporation 

Built at the end of the XIX century, being there is like to be part of the decorations of Harry Potter. 

 The Diagon Alley that appeared in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone with its interesting stores comes to alive with its picturesque Victorian markets and its vibrant energy and more. 

Walkthrough the Bull's Head Passage to remember one of the scenes in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where the Leaky Cauldron is exhibited.

10 Westminster Station

Westminster Underground Station Harry Potter Places to visit
The Travel Intern image from Westminster Underground Station

The Westminster Station is was one of the most important locations for Harry Potter and the Phoenix Order. It had to be closed for an entire day for the production of the movie. 

Westminster is in the most historical zone in London and close to many innumerable attractions like the Parlament, Parliament Square, Downing Street, London Eye, and Westminster Abbey.

11 Lambeth Bridge

Lambeth Bridge Harry Potter Places to visit
Structurae image from Lambeth Bridge

The Night Owl Bus passes in between to buses in the Lambeth Bridge in Harry Potter and the Azkaban Prisoner. The next bridge is Westminster's one. 

Curious data: the bridges are painted red and green respectively to represent the houses of the Westminster Palace: The House of Lords (red) and the House of Commons (green)

12 Gringotts Magic Bank

Gringotts Magic Bank Harry Potter Places to visit
Mother Nature Network image from Australia House (Gringotts Magic Bank)

The Gringotts Magic Bank the only bank known in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Many scenes were filmed here like in the Philosopher's Stone, the Deathly Hollow and other movies of Harry Potter. 

 The place is known as Australia House on Strand in London downtown. This house was inaugurated by King George V in 1918.

13 Charing Cross Road

Charing Cross Road Harry Potter Places to visit
Pinterest image from Charing Cross

The Pub and the Hostal for wizards. The Leaky Cauldron serves like an entry from the Muggle world to the wizarding world. 

Located at the Muggle street of Charing Cross Road and West End of London. Charing Cross Road is also known for its libraries specialized and second hand, and for its stores of second hand and antique dealers that give to the street a special intriguing charm.


14 Bodleian Library at Oxford University

Bodleian Library at Oxford University Harry Potter Places to visit
Goodreads images from Bodleian Library at Oxford University 

The famous Bodleian Libary at the Oxford University starred 3 of the Harry Potter movies. The medieval Duque Humfrey Library was used as the Hogwarts Library and the Divinity School with a vault of fans was the Hogwarts Nursing. 

Visit this historical place where Oscar Wilde, CS Lewis, and JRR Tolkien studied.

15 Christ Church at Oxford College

Christ Church Harry Potter Places to visit
Upcoming Events images from Christ Church, Oxford

Have you ever wonder where was Harry Potter's Dining Room? Did you know that the Great Dining Hall or Great Hall was based on the original Oxford Hall? 

Yes, the historical place has been the place were students had slept for more than 5 centuries and its architecture from the XII Century. Amazing, isn't it? 

The places amazed the producers of Harry Potter that decided to replicate on the movies. Explore the original Hall, the garden and the stairs where Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron watched the Hall. 

Don't blame yourself if you feel that from one moment to another you feel transport to the movie.

16 Castlemartin Beaches, Gales

Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour refuge Harry Potter Places to visit
Harry Potter Wiki image

The refuge of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour. One of the best surf beaches in the south of Gales, this golden sand are was the house of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour in the last movie. 

Robin Hood (2010) of Riley Scott took place here as the background of an epical battle.

17 Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral Harry Potter Places to visit
Gloucestershire Live images from Gloucester Cathedral

If you remember Myrtle the Weeping, don't be scared if you visit the Gloucester Cathedral. This was a place hidden for more than 1300 years. 

Probably you won't meet Nick almost Decapitated or Myrtle the Weeping in these hallways; an old door goes to the antique crypt that was frequently visited by monks in the old Gloucester monastery.

18 Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral Harry Potter Places to visit
Durham Cathedral image by Youtube

The Quadrilateral of Hogwarts School, in reality, was the Durham Cathedral, one of the best Norman buildings in the United Kingdom.

The elegant cloisters of Durham became the snow-covered courtyard, where Harry places the owl flying in the first film and is also the scene of Ron's slug vomit in the Chamber of Secrets.

The cathedral chapter room is the place for Professor McGonagall's class teaching young wizards how to turn animals into cups of water.

19 Glencoe, Scotland

Glencoe, Scotland Harry Potter Places to visit
Skyscanner image 

Enter Scotland to see Glencoe where the dramatic landscapes of Hogwarts were filmed.
You will recognize the Steall Falls in Glen Nevis of the Triwizard Tournament in the Goblet of Fire (2005).

The rugged beauty and natural drama of the Scottish Highlands are the perfect backdrops for the first two Harry Potter films, where the Quidditch matches were filmed against the backdrop of Glen Nevis (also used for Braveheart, Rob Roy, and Highlander II).

20 Fort William, Scotland

Fort William, Scotland Harry Potter Places to visit
Audley Travel Image from Fort William

Among the list of trips for fans of Harry Potter certainly, have to add The Jacobite. This is a fantasy steam train that runs from Fort William, Scotland to the Scottish west coast. 

Harry Potter fans will identify it as the route taken by the Hogwarts Express in the original series. 

Fans can not only relive the experience of traveling by train, but also see the beautiful landscapes that cover the emerald hills of the ethereal castles in the rugged countryside. 

Visualize yourself being part of the magical world as you walk through the perfect landscapes of the image and hold your breath, the same bridge on which Hogwarts rode. 

Can you feel the real Harry Potter magic, can't you?

21 The Elephant House, Edinburgh

The Elephant House, Edinburgh Harry Potter Places to visit
londrainitaliano image

This cafeteria brings together many writers and fans of Harry Poter. It helped JK Rowling to write some parts of the first and the second book with the company of some cups of coffee. 

Even though the coffee was not an important part of it they couldn't resist it. 

Don't lose the window that announces the cafe like the "Place where Harry Potter was born" and also there is a bathroom with the wall full of messages of how Harry Potter changed the life of many people.

22 Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

Harry Potter Places to visit
Kingfisher Visitor Guides Image

The Alnwick Castle became famous in the Secret Chamber and the Philosopher's Stone Movies. Here is the place where Harry Potter learned to fly a broom. 

The place is marvelous since you remember how Harry Potter learned how to fly a broom with Madame Hooch by walking through the place. 

Discover 700 hundred years of history, spectacular gardens with water sculptures and one of the biggest treehouses around the world in this Northumberland castle. 

The Alnwick Castle was part also for the movies of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (1991) and Elizabeth (1997).


23 Livraria, Oporto

Livraria Harry Potter Places to visit
Literatas entre líneas image
This library in Oporto is known for its similar appearance that inspired the Hogwarts Library. Since Rowling lived here and taught English in the 90s (while she was writing some parts of Harry Potter). 

The place has everything, from a spiral staircase to a rich gothic environment with a roof of painted glasses.

23 Harry Potter Places to Visit

23 Places Harry Potter Places to Visit

23 Places Harry Potter Places to Visit around the world


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