6 Safety Tips for your Passport - You didn't know!

6 Safety Advises for your Passport when traveling

When traveling your passport is an important piece to travel the world and get back home.
Know what you can do to prevent to have it lost and what to do is you lose it with these 6 Safety Tips for your Passport when traveling.

It's really important to keep it safe when traveling if you don't want to find yourself in problems such as losing your non-refundable airline ticket cost, facing extra expenses on your trip and also finding that your identity might have been stolen and used.

The purpose of this article is to provide with some useful tips on how you can avoid this to happen or in case it happens what options you have, as well as other advises that can help you to choose your next destination.

1.  Make copies of your passport

One of the things that I personally recommend is to do copies of your passport and other important documents such as a credit card or debit card, and other types of documents to prove your identity in case these are stolen.

You can keep a copy at home before leaving for an emergency in case you lose everything and go with another copy and have safe on a place you know only and most important separate from the originals. 

You can also write your IDs numbers on a paper and have it hidden on a money belt that is really useful to have things store. 

2. Carry your passport on your person if possible

This advice will depend on you, I personally recommend not to do it in another tip. But at the end is your decision.

In case you go with this tip, my recommendation is to have a secure safe in a place hidden on your purse or probably on a money belt as we mentioned before as a gadget recommended for traveling. 

Another useful item is to have an Anti-Thief Sling bag in which you can have your money, passport, and your smartphone. You can check this comfortable Anti-Thief Bag that I found on Amazon.

Or you can use the combination of a money belt and the anti-thief bag, have divided in one or other your important items.

3. Leave your passport and lock it up

Personally, this is the tip that I suggest. You can always get a copy of your passport as recommend on tip one and get that one with you with another original ID to prove your identity in case you are asked for it by the police.

But as well if you leave where you are staying on your trip. Keep your passport and other documents locked and in a place, you will only know. 

In my last trip, I did that all the time and I didn't have any problem at all since I knew where my documents were hidden and also since the place had a locker I had a lock but also I assured to have everything hidden in special pockets to avoid to be stolen. 

Also, you can check with the place that you are staying with to keep a copy of your passport. 

Extra Tip 😉

Nowadays the passport covers are very popular among many travelers since they are plenty of designs that can fit your personality.

But the problem is when going through the Passport Control in an airport this passport covers have to be removed for security.  So if you like your passport cover is ok BUT remove it when going close to the Passport Control zones. 

4. Check your passport regularly and in private 

Either you go with tip 2, tip 3 or a mix of both. Check your documents when leaving and when arriving again in this way you will get the piece of mind that you are safe.

One of the things that I did was when I had it hidden I tried to check like every 1 - 2 days and when leaving to my next place have it with me since it will be requested on the Passport Control in an airport or the places where I had registered with my passport.

5. One adult, one passport

If you are traveling in groups is really important to take this into consideration to avoid or mixing documents with the other persons that are traveling with you. 

In case you are traveling with kids on a family trip, this can change, but try to make sure that if there are many adults as well to distribute the kids' passport among them to minimize the impact in case these are lost or stolen. 

6. Check the coverage in case of a lost or stolen passport.

One of our previous tips before traveling was to get a Travel Insurance for the number of days of your trip. When looking for one check the coverage and the assistance you will get in case of a lost or stolen passport and other documents.

In addition to this, have also the number of your insurance handy and have copies of it on a paper with other important numbers to get in touch with them for the assistance. 

As well as to have handy the number of your countries embassy or consulate, this is the last resource of help. 

I hope these 5 tips are really useful to you on your next trip. It's a great adventure but it comes also with a lot of responsibility.

Comment if you have another tip, share it and react. 

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