Animals Sculptures in Kyiv

Animals Sculptures in Kyiv

These animals sculptures are some of the places you don't have to miss if you go to Kyiv.

Let's take a look and see why these sculptures are a must in the places you got to visit on Kyiv.

Panteleymon Cat Bronze Sculpture

Source: My Kiev

The Cat Bronze Statue is near the Golden Gate Park, another place that you have to visit on Kyiv.

The cat statue is not the only one in the Golden Gate Park, there is another cat that is made of disposable cutlery and is hanging from one of the trees in the park.

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Story of the Bronze Cat Sculpture in Kyiv

The story says that there was a cat called Pantyusha, the cat was a real grey color and lived in the kitchen of a restaurant near the Golden Gate. 

Pantyusha was a well-mannered cat and as the story tells "personally checked" if everything was going right in his restaurant and didn’t leave it until closing due to a late hour.

So, it’s hardly surprising that he was loved by the cooks and the waiters, as well as the visitors. After all, Pantyusha was choked to death in the accident fire. 

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But soon after that some of the regular visitors of the restaurant donated a statue that was placed in the nearest park.

The first version of the statue was with the little bird close to Pantyusha, as a gift to the favorite pet, but it was broken off a few times. 

So now the cat may hunt just after live pigeons. The statue is a real star of the neighborhood and its tail as well as tips of the ears is polished by numerous hands and looks as shiny as gold.

At the Pantyusha the Cat's Statue is part of the History of the Golden Gate so is visiting the to places will make you feel part of the History of Kyiv and their residents.

Aquarius Lion Statue in Kyiv

Source: TripAdvisor 

Location of the Aquarius Lion in Kyiv

Walking through Volodymyrskyi Drive between Mykhailivska Street and Mala Zhytimyrska Street you will see Lytovskyi Skver which a public garden.

When walking there you would be able to see and small bronze sculpture that stands in the public park, the statue is the Aquarius Lion. Without knowing what it is, it’s easy to pass by it without even casting a glimpse – most probably it will look like a regular park statue to a passer-by. 

The Story of the Sculpture of the Aquarius Lion

The Kyiv Aquarius Lion is, in fact, the increased copy of the ancient Slav jar brought from the archaeological museum in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi. Similar jars (“aquaemanalis”) were used in ancient Rus to wash hands prior to shrine rituals. So this statue was originally made as a fountain, with water pouring from the lion’s mouth to the basin in front of it. 

In the early 70s of the XX century, the statue was moved to the city center park together with other copies of the Ukrainian famous archeological monuments like the call Zbruch Idol Replica (Zbrutskyi Ido close to the Hyatt Hotel) and Polovetskiy Baba – both can still be found nearby, closer to Sofiyska Square.

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The residents say that the fountain has not been working for many years. The last time that they did something was back in 2012 for the Eurocup when the municipality made a flower bed inside.
The kids brought by parents to the nearby playground still love riding it. No wonder: we, Kyivans, like to say if you sit down on the lion’s back, touch its ears and make a wish, it comes true! (Kyiv resident)
In my personal story until now I thought that it was a dog but by doing this research for you found out is a lion.

I hope you find this article helpful and informative about Kyiv's culture and you can feel the magic before getting there. 

Una publicación compartida de Andrés Enrique Escoto Castro (@andrescoto87) el


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