Elena, the Russian Grandma who travels around the world

Elena, the Russian Grandma who travels around the world

Meet Elena Mikhailovna, the 91 years old grandma who travels around the world. 

Elena is a 91 years old grandma from Siberia, Russia as her Instragam biography says (Baba Lena @babushka_1927). 

She is using all the money she earnt saving all her working years to travel. Once she got retired, she didn't think twice when she started her journey around the world.

Since then she has been traveling for the last 6 years with her backpack and her walking stick.

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Nothing prevents her to visit all the places she wants. She has visited countries likes Germany, Czech Republic, Israel, Turkey, Poland, Thailand and many to come she says.

"The clue to accomplish your dreams is to take the decision"

Elena's travel agent in Krasnoyarsk said in a Russian media publication that in his 7 years working in the tourism industry, is the first time that he sees someone of that age who has lots of energy and health to travel more than 7 000 kilometers.

"Elena travels with no difficulty: she travels with her backpack and her walking stick! She always finds someone that is willing to help her and she gets into every type of activities" 
Camel rides or in a motorcycle, looking from highs, taking baths in the sea, exotic foods.
The last adventure was the most extreme, she did a parachute jump 😮.

In an interview, she mentioned her visit to Vietnam:

I was in Mũi Né. The nature was so beautiful, the fruit was delicious and the people were so kind and social. Even though in the hotel where I stay the people didn't speak any Russia. In certain way or another I did everything.
Elena is a person that never gives up and wants to travel more. She wants to visit Spain and Italy.

She is proof that age is just a mental state, if you want, you can! 😎

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Elena The Traveler Grandma

Elena, the Russian Grandma who travels around the world


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