Get Marry in Amsterdam for 1 day!

Amsterdam is offering to marry for a single day to a native person to explore the city.

The wedding includes a "honeymoon" that will take you to the places less known in the European city.

Untourist Amsterdam

Untourist Amsterdam has been chosen the name of the program, that was created with the main purpose to decrease the negative effects of the excessive tourism that the city gets all years. 

Also, is a way to improve the relations that visitors and locals have. With this initiative, Amsterdam is expecting to increase the number of visitant to almost 29 million in the next decade.

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This increase will come even though since 2020, The Netherlands will come out to promote itself as a destination in Europe. The government is looking for more activities in which residents can participate. 

Marry an Amsterdammer 😍

One of the main activities created by Untourist Amsterdam is "Marry an Amsterdammer", in which a resident will marry a visitor in a 35 minutes ceremony.

The ceremony will include everything. Don't worry 😅 It will include the rings, a special dress for the occasion and also the famous wedding vows.

This symbolic marriage will include a "honeymoon" through all the less known places in Amsterdam.

"This is a great opportunity for the visitor to get a significant match with a local", said Sabine Linz, co-founder of Untourist Amsterdam. 

Despite the fact they know that the number of tourists will increase due to the initiative, the way that the program was born will allow having a more positive perspective. Since you will get to know how locals act and learn more from the city. 

"Is a new way to think about tourism that is really useful for Amsterdam and other cities that are dealing with the same problem"

More than just marrying an Amsterdammer

There are more activities included in the program of Untourist Amsterdam, that tourists can choose to explore and feel Amsterdam in a positive way.

All those options will appear in The Untourist Guide to Amsterdam that will begin this June 2019.

Like for those afraid to marriage, the site is also promoting marijuana dates, in which the visitor is guided by a local to know how the herb is extracted from an urban farm.

Marry an Amsterdammer

Get Marry in Amsterdam for 1 day!

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  1. I would like to travel there and try that. It's an awsome idea to replicate in various cities.


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