Kyiv Funicular

Where is the Funicular of Kyiv?

During my trip to Kyiv, and near the place where I stayed I found the Funicular of Kyiv which is an interesting attraction to visit. 

On this article, I want to show what you need to know before going to Kyiv about the Funicular.

The Funicular is on the places to visit in Kyiv on your next trip since it offers excellent views that would see in the city. 

What is Funicular?

Is a type of transport that goes on railways like a train but instead of going into plains, it goes on inclined slopes.

The funicular railways employ a pair of passenger vehicles which are pulled on a sloped by the same cable which loops over a pulley wheel at the upper end of a track. 

The first time that the funicular was operating was in the 1860s. And the first line was opened in Lyon in the year of 1862. 

Since then, the funicular became practical in inclined areas in countries like France, Chile, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, Ukraine, Colombia, Mexico, and others.

Kyiv Funicular History

The funicular is not that famous transport system as it is the metro, buses, monorail and other types of transport systems.

Kyiv's Funicular was constructed during 1905-1905, and it opened to the public on May 20th, 1905. The construction was about 230,000 rubles. The station's vestibules were initially designed by N. Piatnitsky and the railway structure by N. Barishnikov. 

The funicular was renovated in 1928, 1958 and 1984, the last time that it was renovated was in 2005 but it was closed during a year due to the renovation process. 

It's slow but a classic in the city and offers beautiful views of the city. 

Price and Operation Hours of the Kyiv Funicular

The price for the ride of the Funicular is 4 UAH which is no more than $0.25 or 0.12€ but only for one ride.

The Operations Hours are Monday to Friday from 7 am to 10 pm and Weekends from 8 am to 11 pm. The 

The total length of the Funicular is 238 meters and the cable cars are operated by an electric motor. And you get from one point to another in around 3 minutes. 

Location of the Funicular of Kyiv (Kiev)

The Funicular of Kyiv has only to stations the first one is on Poshtova Ploshcha and goes up to Verkhnia Stantsiia close to the St. Michael's Golden-Dome Monastery. 

Kyiv's Funicular Infographics for share

Kyiv Funicular

Where is the Funicular in Kyiv

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