What is Nacation?, and Why is Becoming Trend?

What is Nacation?, and Why is Becoming Trend? itravy.online
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Why #nacation is becoming a trend lately and according to NBC is gaining momentum?
The trend of Nacation is becoming so popular than in 2016, 4.3 billion dollars was directly spent in the state of Florida alone and Psychologists say the tren isn't surprising. 


What is Nacation?

Well, as the name implies and you might have guessed, Nacation is a "naked vacation" 

Why Nacation is becoming Trend?

According to NBC, the nudist crowd is really diverse. Not just in ethnicity, but in age, in a profession, in religion, and in background. 

It turns out, the nacation industry (#nacation how the trend is on Instagram) is pretty substantial. For example, a Florida-focused economic study conducted in 2017 by the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and the American Association for Nude Travel Florida Region learned that 4.3 billion was directly spent on nude travel in the state (which has over 30 nudist resorts) in 2016.

And Florida obviously isn't alone. Even traditional companies like Carnival are now catering to the nacation trend.

However, this trend has not been well welcomed in other places like in Machu Pichu where the trend had arrived. But authorities had detained 4 US tourist after posing for nude photos at the 15ht century Inca citadel, according to Peruvian Times. 

Taking naked pictures in sites like Angkor War, Machu Pichu, Stonehenge or the Pyramids of Giza can be deeply offensive to locals and other visitors.

Although such tourists are a scant minority, one fear is that their growing notoriety (one YouTube video shows a couple running down the terraces of Machu Picchu in their birthday suits) could prompt a new wave of copycats.

Despite the fact of the people against this trend, nacation is here to stay since has been gaining lots of adepts.

Reasons why people are doing Nacation

According to Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a neuropsychologist based in NYC says:

“Some people have routine lives. They wake up, go to work, work, return home, and have this secure outward persona. They also have another side to themselves that wants to be self-expressed and free. A nude vacation experience for some satisfies that.”
If a man is in a suit and tie you'll think he's a corporate guy, stiff and buttoned up. Take that same guy fully naked and he's just a human. Dr. Hafeez
Other sites like bravo which site recommends 6 reasons to try Nude Vacations (Nacation), and some of them are like eliminates the what-do-I-wear dilemma, it's less awkward than you'd imagine, increase your body confidence or it's safer than you think. 

The bottom line is that when you're free to explore — without judgment and within the confines of a safe, organized environment with other like-minded people — it can be very freeing and self-actualizing experience.

Would you have a Nacation? and if you had one how was it? What places would you recommend to go to?

Leave your thoughts on the comments section, react and share it! 

Source: NBC

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