White Rabit, Moscow (Restaurant experience)

White Rabit, Moscow (Restaurant experience)

White Rabbit Restaurant in Moscow is one of the World's 50 Best Restaurants. It is the 15th within this ranking.

Before my 1st trip to Russia in 2017 a friend at work recommended going to this restaurant in Moscow that White Rabbit had been awarded in one of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World. 

So I decided to get there and fortunately I had the opportunity to go back in 2018 on my 2nd trip to Moscow and I had never regretted making that decision again.

But first, I had to know where the restaurant is. According to Google Maps is located at Smolenskaya Square, 3. The closest Metro Station is the same Smolenskaya Station which has to entries and one of them is in front of the building where White Rabbit is.

You have to get inside the mall and then you have to go to the right and you will be able to find a lobby and a sign of White Rabbit. 

Location of White Rabbit, Moscow

My experience at White Rabbit

As I mentioned before I had the chance to go twice to White Rabbit on my first visit. I was kind of what to expect at quality and prices. In other to have an idea the restaurant has a website in which you can check their menu online. They have an English version and Chinese version.

If you are nor worry about the prices you can go there and the staff knows good English if you don't understand Russian that much and you can ask also for the English Menu for you to get more comfortable.

When you enter the restaurant you feel a great atmosphere and most of the decorations have rabbits, at the same time you got the best views of Moscow since it is on the 15th floor of the building.

On my first time as tried the Borscht Soup which a traditional Russian soup made of beetroots and creme. 

For dessert, I ordered something that looks like a sponge but it was so delicious, that I regretted it not to try it on my second time there.

On my second time, I tried the Rabbit tongue plate which was delicious but I feel bad because I love Rabbits. 

These pictures are on my Instagram if you would like to check more of my Moscow Trip.

This last Friday, June 12th it was Russia Day and I made a video to celebrate it. I hope you like it.

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  1. Thanks for the map, I ma going to apply it to the route to follow. We value your highest level assistance. Thanks again!

  2. Not every traveler can afford a visit to this restaurant, although the place is very interesting. If your budget allows, go to this amazing and tasty place.


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