10 Exotic things to do in Greece

10 Exotic things to do in Greece

Greece is an international tourist destination among the European Nations. The below mentioned are the ten exotic places you must visit in Greece tour from beaches like Myrtos and Delphi which can transport you to ancient Greece.

1 Alexandroupoli


The Greece Tour Packages must include the Alexandroupoli as a major exotic place to visit in Greece. This place has historical charms and beauty of Mother Nature. The Evros River flows in this region with lush greenery surroundings.

2 Mount Olympus

2 Mount Olympus

The trek to Mount Olympus (2197m) is full of changing biodiversity. Reaching its peak will give you an amazing view of its surrounding places. The winter season is filled with snow and looks more beautiful.

Mount Olympus is rich by itself since the mythological symbolism that provides to Mythic Greece. There are archaeological artifacts that have been discovered evidence of the early occupation on the mountain.

Occasionally, some Iron Age artifacts suggest that there might be more to be discovered on this mythical mountain. 

3 Plastira Lake

Plastira Lake is the exotic place to trek around the lakeside. You can do horse riding on the banks of this lake. This is a picturesque place with rolling hills. Oak trees surround this lake and make them lush greenery to look near the waters.

4 Santorini

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is the perfect island destination for the honeymoon couples. It has many sea-facing resorts. Yet this place is popular for luxury tourism. It is a great place to be away from the busy city. The resorts found here offer one of the great services to its gussets. 

You will get a cool breeze from the sea. The honeymoon goers must stay in any of the sea-facing resorts.

Imagine enjoying a night a Fira or visiting Oia, the most picturesque and charm village in Santorini. Many things to do in such a wonderful place.

5 Delphi


The Delphi is an archeological location in Greece. It is the best for tourists, who wish to travel upcountry tour in Greece. It has many ruin monuments and rolling hill surroundings. It is the best place to be away from the city. This is the best place to visit by any history buffs.

6 Melissani Cave

The Melissani is natural Cave to explore 4-km in length. It is best to take boating and see the beauty of the cave from the water. Sailing inside this cave will thrill you when the natural light is dim. It is advisable to go in a group to enjoy this cave tour in Greece. Do not forget to take your photo cameras in this cave.

7 Balos Beach

Balos Beach, Greece

The Balos is a peacock green scenic sea beach in Greece. The Balos Lagoon and Gramvousa island visit is the major attraction of this place. Its shallow seawater allows you to swim in this sea beach. It is the best place for honeymoon goers to spend some time with privacy. This is a white sand sea beach and the perfect place to take a sunbath.

8 Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands is the best place to go offbeat. It is the further most islands in Greece. It has a fort, museum and medieval period structures to see. This place is the best for honeymoon couples to spend their time in the cool island once in Greece.

9 Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach

The Myrtos is a different kind of Beach to seen in Greece tour. It lays in-between the foot of two mountains. This is a popular white-sand sea beach. It has limestone cliffs in a few places, which do reflect white in color. This is the place to find white pebbles on the seacoast.

10 Antipaxos


The Antipaxos is a small island in the Ionian Sea. You can reach here from the port of Gaios within 15-minutes by sailing through sea boat. It is popular for white sand sea beaches, shallow water and a calm place to relax and take a sunbath.

10 Exotic Things to do in Greece

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