7 Mistakes to Avoid when Traveling

7 Mistakes to Avoid when Traveling 

7 mistakes to avoid when traveling

Before getting prepare for your next trip get prepared with these 7 mistakes to avoid when traveling to be ready for your next trip!

Plan everything when traveling from the airfare to the night fare you will pay at the hotel where you stay.

One wrong move in the planning process or while you are traveling can give you a headache on your next journey. 

“People tend to overspend on vacation because the excuse ‘I’m on vacation, I’m treating myself’ is easily validated or because they don’t budget correctly,” said Ashley Rossi, editor at online travel magazine SmarterTravel.

Having an unplanned trip can easily make your budget looking pretty bad at the end of your travel. Not really good news when having fun on your trip. 

But let's take a look at these 7 mistakes to avoid when planning your trip

1 Booking a flight at the last minute

One of the first things you have to plan carefully is the flight ticket to the destinations that you are going to visit.

The more time in ahead planning to get your flight ticket the better since you get really good fares.

Also, you will avoid having to wait for a flight that is overbooked and waiting more at the airport.

2 Not looking for accommodations options

As well as, preparing your flights is your accommodation at the destination of your journey. Having that done is having good accommodation with a great value of money,

Remember that not everything is the price per night. You have to check also the area where the accommodation is as well as the amenities the hotel or hostel have.

In my personal experience, the things that I was looking when traveling were: wifi connection, most of the cases breakfast, towels at the room, areas where to stay if you arrived before the check-in time.

The last one was really important because depending on the accommodation this can be provided or charged but in some cases is better to pay a little extra to rest a couple of hours more before starting to know the destination of your journey.

3 Not calling your bank before traveling

Provide a call to your bank to give details where you are traveling to avoid having your debit or credit card not working at the ATMs of the place you are visiting and running out of cash if you don't have many with you.

It only takes a few minutes and if you are visiting many places and also include the dates of your flights.

This also prevents you to have problems in certain countries that probably don't have financial relations with your country.  

I was affected by this when I was on transit in Belarus since my country El Salvador does not have financial relations with my country and I was not able to use my credit card or debit even since the bank advised me about that before my last journey. 

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4 Checking your passport too late

Checking your passport before traveling

Having a passport near expiration can give you trouble. So check out this before your trip to avoid having problems at some locations that won't accept it if the passport is near the expiration date. 

Try to always check out how the renewal process works in your country to have the renewal as soon as possible before your trip.

Since in some countries like in the USA, it can't take from six to eight weeks to arrive and a price of $110 or like in my country El Salvador you pay $25 for the renewal and you can get it the nearest Migration Office. 

Get in touch with your Migration Office in your country to get to know better the process in your country. 

5 Not taking advantage of apps and rewards

If you book your next flight on a travel app like Jet Radar or Cheap O Air, or probably with your favorite airliner you can get better promotions.

Or having subscribed to the rewards program is also important to get a new membership reward if this is available or if you have it already you can check your miles and take advantage and save some dollars on your next flight. 

6 Not knowing transportation options

Before traveling check what transportation options are available in the area where you are going to.

As well as checking the prices of transportation and to know if there is a ticket in which you can save money. For example, in Madrid, you can get a tourist ticket for the number of days of your stay and you can travel as many times as you want. 

In other cities like Moscow, you can buy as many rides as you think you will need.

Another way to know your transportation options is by getting an app like Moovit (recommended in Apps for Traveling).

7 Overspending on groceries or gifts when coming back

Try to check always the grocery stores nearby and compare the prices to save some dollars at the end of your trip.

For example, I learned that buying little bottles of water is more expensive rather than getting a big one and have a bottle that you can be reused. I saved many euros on my travel to Europe. 

Also, expanding on gifts when coming back it can get really expensive if you get to the most visited sites in the city and some of them are not appreciated by most of the people you give to.

Try to get just a few for the people you care and you can get better things also. 

7 Mistakes to Avoid when Traveling


  1. I do mistake 7 every single time, especially if I still have local currency..

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