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iTravy New Concept

For a couple of days, I was thinking about a new image for iTravy in order to provide a fresh image even though the blog is only a couple of months.

With the new image we have taken our slogan: imagine, Travel and Joy into another level with our new logo. Making these 3 words into a new concept for the blog and what I am trying to project to the readers when reaching this website. 

Creation of the new concept of iTravy
I combined the idea of imagination with the plane or traveling long distances from home and the Joy to travel around the World.

Itravy new Logo

With this new concept, I try to project what I have been doing with the blog. Provide readers with useful tips for traveling, Inspirational Quotes, news, reviews from some of the place I've Traveled, memes to have fun on the site and much more will come with the time.

Thanks for being part of this Blog by reading this post and the other posts that you have visited.

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