Lyrics Vital - Airport

Today, I want to start the week by inspiring you to travel with a song I really like.

VITAL "Airport" from VITAL

Directed by TAKCOM

Music Producer: Chris Clark
Executive Producer: Frank Alioto Jr.
A&R: Mathias Sorum
Copyright ©2010
Black Sky Recordings LLC.

VITAL - Airport lyrics 

The clock ticks I arrive just for departure...
stand there wave goodbye just left my heart there...
on my way to success is what I'm hoping so far so so good the way my day is going.

My mind so clear I'm thinking positively...
no guts no fear even though the possibility of crashing is here I know that I'll soon make it there...
I see the clouds go by they look so lovely please forgive me but I wish I was on the other side and fly without these wings wings wings.

Even though I might seem high not even once did ever I think I would fall(5x) I'm wondering what it's like to be free it's killing me like suicide...
All the song (2x)

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