NEBO 47 - Moscow - Capsule Hotel Review

Nebo 47 Capsule Hotel Moscow Review

Get to know one of the best places you can stay in Moscow with a great view of the city and also a great price. 

Location and Security at Nebo 47 Capsule Hotel - Moscow

The Nebo 47 Moscow Capsule Hotel is on the 47th floor of the Empire Tower at Moscow City which is in the Financial District of the city.

The Empire Tower is the second tower from left to right next to the Inifity Tower. 

If you get the metro, you have to get out at the Vystavochnaya Station be careful when you get on Line 4 since it has two options at Kiyevskaya Station you have to get on the metro that says Mezhdunarodnaya - Aleksandrovsky Sad route.

The Vystavochnaya Station is right below the Afimall at Moscow City but it has an exit near the Empire Tower, follow the arrows in the floor which they have the information in English and Russian.

Cleanliness and Facilities at Nebo 47 Capsule Hotel - Moscow

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The Capsule Hotel has basic facilities like wifi, an area where to prepare to have your meals like to have coffee and tea, as well as they,  offer a menu with some options for you to have.

They also offer laundry service and the bath area is near the reception of the hotel.

Inside the hotel you are not allowed to use shoes, they provide you with slippers for you to be around inside the capsules and other areas of the hotel.

The Nebo 47, is a really clean hotel and also you will be able to enjoy a great view of Moscow.

Also below the capsule, you will have the chance you save your luggage and have it locked for security. 

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Atmosphere and Staff at Nebo 47 Capsule Hotel - Moscow

In regards to the atmosphere at Nebo 47, the place is really quiet, you don't notice the noise outside. The staff is really friendly but also they don't have that fluent English so that would be the perfect opportunity for you to practice your Russian.

However, even though the language barrier they are always willing to help the guest. 

Value for Money at Nebo 47 Capsule Hotel - Moscow

The night in depends on the season since they can vary from $15 up to $29. And it really worth the price that you pay since the place is in a great location. You have the metro station like 5-7 minutes away.  A great view day and night. And the experience of staying in a Capsule Hotel.

Why I stayed at Nebo 47 Capsule Hotel?

One of the reasons why I stayed at Nebo 47 was the view you will have from the city and also the experience to live for a couple of days in a Capsule. 

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This last Friday, June 12th it was Russia Day and I made a video to celebrate it. I hope you like it.

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  1. Capsule hotels are gaining popularity in all tourist cities. Low cost, a large number of beds. A budget tourist or a person who needs to spend only one night is a great opportunity.


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