Popcorn Beach, Where is it?

Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura, Spain
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In the last couple of months, a beach in the Canary Islands is gaining popularity among many tourists.

Many people are posting their experience at a particular beach located in the Canary Island and the reason for this is they are giving the nickname of #popcornbeach as it appears on Instagram.

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Let's check out where the Popcorn beach is?

Located in Fuerteventura Island right by the town of Corralejo. At first, you would be able to see a beautiful and clean beach but if you take a look closer, you will find its particular essence.

It's like living a movie experience at the beach where you are the protagonist and spectator with a full path of popcorn below your feet. 

The nickname Popcorn was given by locals since the graces ground covering the place looks like popcorn, hence the name of the seaside repast.

Particles that would serve as ideal visual substitutes for the likes of Orville Reddenbacker to deliver to snack-hungry patrons.

How the Popcorn Beach was formed geologically? 

La fama tiene su precio, y la playa del Hierro, al norte de Fuerteventura, lo está pagando desde hace algo más de un año. La playa en vez arena tiene pequeñas algas calcáreas que parecen palomitas de maíz. Los visitantes que abandonan la isla podrían estarse yendo con diez kilos al mes, 120 kilos al año, más de una tonelada en una década. La primera publicación con la etiqueta #PopCornBeach, el sobrenombre con el que se la conoce en Instagram, data del 27 de junio de 2015. A partir de ahí, el número de fotos subidas ha ido aumentando hasta sumar más de 1.000. Y esta playa de 850 metros de largo y que hasta ese momento solo era frecuentada por surfistas salió del anonimato. “Se los están llevando con cubos”, se queja el alcalde del Ayuntamiento de La Oliva, al que pertenece la playa. Más información, en elpais.com #Medioambiente #Playa #Fuerteventura
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It turns out this geological oddity is situated in a volcanic territory, where the rocks help reshape the coral that somehow finds its way ashore. 

That's how the sand gets its appearance. And its the notoriety of this beach that's getting a great deal of attention on social media.

But don't get the idea that walking there would be easy. Don't think that is a soft path since the curious-looking popcorn sand is that given the contours of the particles that makes them not easy to walk through. 

As well as, it is hardly a comfortable place to lie down and enjoy the sun not even if you spread your towel over the sand. What would make more comfortable your stay is to have a portable reclining lounger.

Don't even get cheated by the sand appearance of popcorn and try to taste it. You might be visiting your dentist after the journey by trying that.  

But probably you might be laying down just for a few moments to get your Instagram photo for a good memory. 

Popcorn Beach, Where is it?


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