San Salvador Downtown (Part 1)

San Salvador Downtown (Part 1)

San Salvador Downtown a place that has been in continuous changes since Bukele's administrated the city as mayor from 2015 - 2018 when most of the changes had been made.

When you visit the Centro Historico de San Salvador you will wonder how the old infrastructure has been combined with the new to preserve this to future generations.

In this 1st part, we want to talk briefly about since I plan to go deeper in some of the buildings of interest and some places where you can have a coffee or some fun at night with live music.

Since it has been renewed I have visited at least 4 times and every time there has been little changes. 

With the renewal of San Salvador Little Downtown, life has come back to it and to the monuments like Teatro Nacional or the Palacio Nacional which they have new illumination to show its old architecture at night. 

Recently with Bukele as President of El Salvador, the hours of operation for the Palacio Nacional changed to offer more opportunities to the people to know about the history of El Salvador. 

Another historical monument to visit is San Salvador's Cathedral in which you will find Monseñor Romero's crypt. The cathedral has been also illuminated and you can see from the distance before getting to Downtown.

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The renovation of San Salvador is a big project in which the government of the city as well the national government are collaborating. Also, with the participation of Private Investors and ONGs. 

The main goal of the project is to rebuild the social environment of this area to provide a better future.

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