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It is really important nowadays to care about Earth, reason why of this article to create awareness to take care of the places when traveling and also when getting around on your city.

It's well known that Traveling these days is getting easier due to the number of connections around the world in as well as prices are getting affordable for many people.

Many cities in Europe are taking huge decisions to decrease travelers to their cities even though they know the fact that this brings millions of dollars but with time they have seen that the monuments are getting deteriorated.

Cities like Amsterdam and Venice are 2 great examples of both. Amsterdam is even getting out of the list of best destinations to visit in Europe. As well as has rejected the bid to participate for the next host city for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020 since that will mean more tourists to come plus the ones that are already there.

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However, Amsterdam has come with great ideas like Getting Marry for One day in which a local will get you through some areas that are good to visit but not well known in a way to decrease crowds of people in famous attractions. 

Probably you have seen also pictures of the plastic bottles and other kinds of plastics in Mount Everest and rear by as well as the lines that people have to go through to get a selfie at the top of the world. 

This is to create consciousness about the time that we are living since is more easy to get around but less take care of the places we visit as well as the place where we live.

Taking care will preserve the beautiful places we have and will also help to restore places that are in danger for future generations to come.

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So next time you are visiting a place take care of your garbage, respect the rules of the places your visit, try to get by other places in those cities even though not so famous but get to live how locals live. 

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