Traveling during a Heat Wave

Traveling during a Heat Wave

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Last June Europe experienced extreme temperatures like more than 40 °C and July is not even better.

And this week is not the exception on this extreme weather in large portions of Europe like most of France, Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom and with possibilities of affecting also Scandinavian countries which were affected by extream heat and a spate of related wildfires last year. 

According to The Washington Post, as of Monday morning Eastern time, Meteo France was predicting temperatures as high as 40.4 °C tomorrow Thursday. The high temperatures could last until Friday in Paris and much of the rest of France. 

And the conditions are not better in Spain and Portugal since the hot and dry conditions are driving up the risk of wildfires.

So with these extreme conditions, what is best to do if you are traveling to Europe soon?

Read these 7 Survival Tips when Traveling during a Heat Have

Check these 7 Cool Survival recommendations for a safe trip during a Heat Wave:

1 Check the Weather Forecast of the place you are going to

Always check the weather forecast of the city you are traveling to. To be prepared for what kind of weather conditions to expect once your flight has landed. 

2 Wear light clothing

Once you have checked out the weather conditions on the place, try to get the clothing according to the weather conditions in this case light clothing. 

If you don't have that much cloth, once on the place, you can go to a shop and get the latest clothing in the city.

This way you are going to look fashion, prepared for the weather and also look more like a local rather than tourist and less attractive for pickpockets 

3 Apply sunscreen to limit the exposure to ultraviolet rays 

You can get also a cap also to limit more exposure to the sunrays. 

4 Limit physical activity

Well, if you are traveling is because you want to walk all over the city but try not to run or do other activities such as cycling during the midday when the temperatures are much higher than normal. 

During night hours you can increase the activity if you want but always with the right precaution.

5 Drink plenty of water

Try to have always with you a bottle full of water to prevent dehydration if you are walking around during midday and on every walk.

If you don't like to spend that much money on bottles get one that you can reuse and have on your accommodation a big water bottle.

On my last trip, I bought bottles of 3 gallons to have at my room and get a bottle to reuse or when coming back from walking around take water as soon as I got to my room. 

6 Avoid alcoholic beverages

At least when the heat is extreme. You might be thinking that a cold beer could calm that heat feeling but the beer can dehydrate you.

If you drink alcoholic drinks do it on night hours and always before and after drink water.

7 Go to places with air conditioners 

During visiting attractive places, try to go also to places where there is an air conditioner to be away from the extreme weather at least for 2 hours or if your accommodation has it which is a must for them take the advantage of that. 

Traveling can be a challenge in extreme weather conditions but if you take the right precautions you can always travel and have fun.

Remember Travel with Responsibility for you if you are going to a Solo Travel and even more if you are traveling with your family and have small children or old adults with you. 

7 Survival Tips when Traveling During a Heat Wave

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