Why Passports would be less important in the future?

Why Passports would be less important in the future?
In the near future Passport could be substituted by facial recognition as some airports and airlines are doing it.

As we all know security is one of the most important aspects when flying nowadays due to terrorism threats and attacks that had occurred in the past.

Not less important to mention all the security that you have to do when taking a flight like fasting your seatbelts before the plane takes off or before arriving at the terminal. 

Airlines and airports are looking forward to new methods to identify people instead of checking documentation like facial recognition. 

Delta Air Lines says that is saving 9 minutes at the time of boarding a flight and has announced in CBC Minnesota that passenger that are flying from the International Airpot in Minneapolis-Saint Paul will have the choice to board using facial recognition.

The save 2 seconds per passenger that uses facial recognition. 

However, this is not the first time that Delta uses this method since it exists already in the International Aiport of Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson. According to their statistics, 72% of passengers prefer this method. 

Facial recognition can substitude passports in the near future
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In Australia, they want to update this process also. To have passengers only emptying their pockets and pass through the Security Control each time they take a flight.  

Currently, they are testing in Europe and the USA and before the end of this year to have testings in Australia and part of Asia since their goal is to achieve that passports are substituted with faces in the next 5 years. 

Only by using an Android or iOS smartphone, each passenger would be able to scan their own passport and associated with their face. However, there is plenty of work to do, to avoid failures in the process. 

Like not confusing a face with a skull on a shirt or with any cartoon printed on your cloth.


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