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Luggage Storage Options in NYC
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New York City is one of the most visited cities around the world and with many things to do when you get there is knowing where to store your luggage before the Check-in or Check-out of your accommodation.

Imagine you arrive early in the morning to New York and your accommodation (Hotel, Hostel, Airbnb, etc.) don't offer and earlier check-in or any place to leave your luggage before the check-in.

Or you have your flight at night and you have done the checkout at your accommodation and still would like to do a last walk around in New York City streets without any luggage, an luggage storage location is a good option for this kind of scenarios. 

In this post, I would like to share with you 4 options for you to check the nearest in your next trip to NYC: 

1 Knock Knock Storage Location (visit site)

Knock Knock offers 70 + host locations in many cities in the USA and Canada, and New York is not the exception. They offer various locations in areas like Soho, Tribeca, East Village, etc.

The range of price does not go higher than $1 per hour. You can find the nearest location to your accommodation and store your luggage there.

Knock Knock offers also an option for you to become a host, so if you live in any of the cities in which the service work you can become a host of Knock Knock (Become a Knock Knock Host)

2 Schwartz Luggage Storage (Visit Site)

Schwartz Luggage Storage has only one location in NYC which is located at 357 W 37th St, close to the Penn Station. You will notice the site since is on the ground floor and you will see an orange sign that says Schwartz Luggage.

They are open 24 hours. You pay $2.50 per hour/ per item with a maximum of $10 per day. 

3 StoreMe Luggage Storage Location (Visit Site)

StoreMe is a site and also an app that you can use to look for locations that can store your luggage for an hourly price. It's similar to Knock Knock but they offer the app to Android and Apple devices. 

There are more than 20 locations in all New York and the average payment per hour is in the range of $1 - $2. You can check the nearest location to your accommodation so you don't have to walk with all those suitcases around the New York Streets.

They offer the service also in other cities like Austin, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, etc. 

And they offer you the option to become a Host. (Become a Host for StoreMe).

4 Vertoe Luggage Storage (visit site)

Vertoe is also a site that offers the luggage storage option that you have in NYC. The pricing of Vertoe starts from $5.95 per day/per item this can vary by location.

Among new yorkers, it seems to be the most popular for hosting since they have many locations in New York.

You can also become a partner for the site and earn some extra cash. (Become a Partner of Vertoe). 

They offer a promotion of 15% off during the weekends.

Vertoe is widely spread around the world, you can find luggage storage locations or become a host in cities like Casablanca, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Moscow, Madrid, Tokyo as many others around the world and in the USA.

Important Note:
The prices per hour/per item can vary during high seasons in which the demand can increase a lot or also depending on the location where you are looking at the luggage storage location.

Luggage Storage Options in New York City
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  1. Thanks for the great information you've shared about luggage storage locations. Vertoe is going to be the most useful since it has more cities rather than the other ones.


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