I'm Gay and Why I would visit Russia again?

LGTB life in Russia

Russia is really controversial when talking about LGTB Rights and is a Tabu among many gays that think that the Russian government penalizes same-sex relations.

I'm gay and I had the opportunity to travel to Russia twice and in both cases was during spring in 2017 and 2018 prior to the World Cup was celebrated there.

Russia and LGTB Rights

Russia has been demonized by west media since the application of a Law that prohibits Pedophile and LGTB Propaganda among children in the early XXI century. According to President Putin that had given many speeches about such controversial law, he has clarified that the Russian Government does not have anything against LGTB people.

Putin even recognizes that there are people of big influence in Russia that are homosexual and are recognized, good citizens. 

He also mentions Elton John as a person that is well welcome among Russians due to his musical career even though the singer has criticized him as some of the homosexual scenes of his film Rocketman have been blocked in Russian Movie Theaters.

But as the Law prohibits any propaganda these scenes have to be blocked, the Russian government also blocks scenes where people are smoking since they are trying to decrease tobacco consumption (Tobacco Control Law).

Also, Vladimir Putin states that why West Media tries to demonize Russia when there are some states in the USA where the Law is not clear when it comes to LGTB Rights even though same-sex marriage is allowed in all states (Gay Rights in the US, state by state). 

Therefore, LGTB Propaganda is not allowed, but that does not mean that LGTB relations are penalized in Russia.

LGTB Life in Russia

In the biggest cities in Russia like Moscow and Saint Peterburg since are the one that I have visited, there is LGTB life like bars, saunas, and places that are LGTB Friendly. You probably won't notice them outside but when entering them you can get a surprise by looking the LGTB flag. 

This happened to me in Saint Petersburg when I was looking for a sauna that was recommended on a website, outside it seemed like a regular place but when ringing the door and entering to the place I got surprised by looking the LGBT flag and inside it was like nothing happened. Men kissing each other and having fun. 

Despite this doesn't mean that you can find people that can discriminate you or try to harm you because of being an LGTB person. This can happen also in the USA, Europe even in my country El Salvador where same-sex marriage is controversial but is not on the headlines like Russia is.

Recommendations if you are visiting Russia

LGTB life is easier in larger cities like Moscow, Saint Peterburg and probably in Yekatariburg however in the countryside or smaller cities it can be a challenge as any other place that doesn't have contact with other cultures. 

When I first got to Moscow and opened Grindr gives some recommendations as it does on my own country in some cases. These recommendations apply also in other areas even in the USA, danger can be everywhere and is our responsibility to take care of ourselves. 

Going to places where you don't know well or it's the first time try no to bring valuable things with you like your credit card or a lot of cash just the necessary to bring you back and little extra for emergencies. 

If you are traveling solo try to advise someone at home even though they are far away so they can check on you once you are back or if you trust someone there to that person.

And get with you your personal information in a case something happens to you, this can also apply in the case of a disaster.


So after all that. I would go again to Russia. I really enjoyed visiting Moscow and Saint Petersburg and even though there is always a risk that can be the same risk at home or any place around the World. You can enjoy traveling visiting such a great country.

Russian people are kind and always willing to help. Try to learn their language to get along with them. Russian is a beautiful language and by learning another language you can expand your mind to other horizons. 

I know a few Russian and helped me a lot even though I was not able to be fluent and I would love to learn more and keep learning a few words.

This last Friday, June 12th it was Russia Day and I made a video to celebrate it. I hope you like it.

I'm and Why I would visit Russia again?


  1. This story shows how amazing you are and how you guys enjoy traveling around the world. Russia is not an exception in this case.

  2. I generally chuckle at this one. A great many people who meet me will never realize that I am gay, since I don't possess all the necessary qualities. Gay PNP


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