Why Pupusas are SO Popular?

Why Pupusas are so Popular?

Pupusas are getting known in many places around the world. This famous Salvadorean meal is becoming more popular and here is Why Pupusas are so Popular?

Some people said that pupusas are similar to arepas in Venezuela and Colombia but they are a thick flatbread that can be made with corn, rice, potatoes flour, and even banana.

It is typically eaten with tomatoes salsa and curtido (a  spicy cabbage slaw) and in some areas of El Salvador like San Miguel they are eaten with mayonnaise and salsa negra but mostly are eaten by hand, however very few people eat them with utensils (Don't ever try that in front of a Salvadorean 😂).

Pupusas in El Salvador

There is a variety of pupusas nowadays, you can find the typical ones like cheese, revueltas (cheese, beans, and pork rind) or cheese and pork rind but there are many other varieties like pupusas with chicken, pumpkin, shrimps, pepperoni, etc.

There is another pupusa that has become famous which is Pupusa Loca, which is a mix of the previous ingredients mentioned before and is bigger than the typical pupusa.

There are even Pupusas Festivals in El Salvador like the Olocuilta which is famous for making rice pupusas but they also have corn pupusas. There is also a Festival in Arizona which is going to take place on Nov 3rd (ArPupusaFest). And on second Sunday of every November since 2005 is celebrated the Pupusa Day.

You would be able to find pupusas also in Los Angeles and many other American cities that have Salvadorean communities.

Leonardo Dicaprio and Pupusas 

A couple of weeks ago in a show of the Cadena Latina Univision many famous like Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio were asked what was their favorite Latin Dish and Leonardo confessed that he was a Pupusa Man.

Since the release of the video many memes have been created in El Salvador about Leo's love for pupusas and how he brought the name of El Salvador very high on TV,

Here are some of the Memes shared by people about Leonardo's love for Pupusas:

Memes of Pupusas and Leonardo Di Caprio

Memes of Pupusas and Leonardo Di Caprio

Memes of Pupusas and Leonardo Di Caprio

Memes of Pupusas and Leonardo Di Caprio

So if you ever had the chance to try Pupusas, TRY THEM! and if you ever come to El Salvador don't miss the chance to try this popular Salvadorean dish.

Why Pupusas are so Popular?


  1. Would love to try pupusas! Even though it isn't the healthiest thing out there haha

  2. I have never heard of these! I can't wait to try them!

  3. They remind me to the Indian Nan. They look good!

  4. Love the video when Leonardo said he loves pupusas


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