7 Cool Restaurants and Cafes in San Salvador Downtown

Plaza Libertad in San Salvador Donwtown

When you think of San Salvador Downtown you imagine what the media says that is a dangerous place to visit...

But that has changed after the restoration of the San Salvador Downtown more specifically in the Centro Historico district.

The mini Historical district in San Salvador Downtown has seen many restaurants and Cafes opened in the last couple of years.

In this post I would like to show the coolest ones in San Salvador Downtown for you to enjoy a cafe and then have a walk and visit the landmarks like the National Palace, Rosario Church, Metropolitan Cathedral, Plaza Libertad and National Theater to mentioned some of them.

Here I have the 7 Cool Restaurants and Cafes in San Salvador Downtown:

1 Coffe Tempo

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Coffe Tempo offers a variety of coffee drinks as well as various dishes to have lunch or have a dessert with your coffee. Cafe Tempo is at the cross street of Delgado Street and 2nd South Avenue and it a few steps away from National Teather.

During weekends you can enjoy live music in Cafe Tempo.

2 Cafe Fulanos

Fulanos was one of the firsts cafes to open after the restoration of the San Salvador Historical district. They offer a large variety of desserts and coffee drinks for you to enjoy in a great environment. On the 2nd South Av, Fulanos is in front of National Teather and while you get there you will be able to see many street artists.

3 Kilometro Cero

Kilometro Cero is also another of the recent openings in San Salvador Downtown. The owners restored a house on Delgado Street which is close to the area known as Zero Kilometer where all the streets of El Salvador start. Zero Kilometer is over Cuscatlán Av. and is going to be restored as part of the second phase of the Historic Downtown.

Kilometro Cero is a Grill and Bar Restaurant for you to have a Salvadorean Beer like Pilsener or Regia and have some Salvadorean dishes. Enjoy Salvadorean Food.

4 Mori's Rooftop

Mori's Rooftop is at the top floor of a building at the cross street of Delgado St and 2nd South Av.
You have to be in good shape since the building does not have elevators, so you have to go all the way up by using some ramps between each floor.

Once there you will enjoy some amazing views of the Historical district and have a view of the back of Metropolitan Cathedral as well as National Teather.

Mori's Rooftop is a place where you can have many dishes like pizza, french fries and more and a variety of beers. Many local beers are on their menu.

5 Club La Dalia

La Dalia Club is a place that recently celebrated its 82nd anniversary. A place is now a famous place for playing pool and have some drinks with the restoration of the Historic District.

La Dalia is in front of Plaza Libertad over the 2nd West Street and 4th North Av. and is a beautiful building with Art Nouveau architecture, with the most of the original construction back in 1917.

When first started La Dalia was is one of the most exclusive commercial areas in San Salvador in the early XX century. It was also the place of the Spanish Club. A the end of the 30s the Spanish Club retired and the Pool Club la Dalia started to form.

Being there is like feeling the history of San Salvador and also great views of Plaza Libertad and enjoy a beer and play pool.

You will also enjoy a great view from there and get involved in the history of the place. In one of the walls, you will see pictures of the many personalities that had parties there in the Golden Age of La Dalia. Salvadorian writes like Claudia Lars and Salarrue enjoyed in many cases in la Dalia and Pedro Infante was retracted in a picture when he visited La Dalia.

There are other people in the pictures that have not been identified yet but according to a person that works there. People are looking hard to have the names of other people that enjoyed at La Dalia. 

6 Le Cafe Restaurant

There are 2 Le Cafes in the Historic District, one is over the Cuscatán Ave. in front of the Zero Kilometer and the other one in front of 2nd South Ave. 
The one at Second South Avenue has views of Plaza Gerardo Barrios and National Palace and was the first to open. 
Has a variety of coffee drinks and desserts at an economical price. 

7 Café Luz Negra

Last but not least, Cafe Luz Negra is over Delgado St and next to the National Theater. They offer breakfast for you to start your day at Historic District. 

You can also have other kinds of meals like lunch and then have a coffee with a delicious dessert.

I hope you have enjoyed these 7 Cool Restaurants and Bars at San Salvador Downtown.

Let me know if you would like to know other gastronomical options in this area or in San Salvador.

San Salvador Downtown Restaurants and Cafes


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