National Palace of El Salvador

Palacio Nacional El Salvador

Palacio Nacional de El Salvador or National Palace of El Salvador is one of the famous landmarks in El Salvador, located in the cross street of Ruben Dario St and Cuscatlán Av. is one of the places you have to visit if you go to Centro Histórico.

Did you know that even though El Salvador doesn't have a monarchy or ever had it has a National Palace?

In the past years, there has been a big restoration to bring to alive the Historical Downtown of San Salvador, and National Palace El Salvador was not the exception since it was included in this restoration by getting LED illumination to make its architecture more attractive at night.

History of the National Palace in El Salvador

Built-in the earlier XX Century between the years of 1905 and 1911, and first occupied bu the President Dr. Manuel Enrique Araujo. 

50% of the materials used in the constructions were imported from Italy, Germany, and Belgium, like the Marmol brought from Italy, the die-cut roof from Belgium and the metallic structures from Germany. The rest like the wood structure and furniture was made by Salvadorean materials.

Die-cut celing in Palacio Nacional El Salvador

During your visit, you will go through the Red Room and  Blue Room which are the most emblematic since the first one has pictures of many of the Salvadorean Presidents and the Blue Room was the place where the Salvadorean Congress worked until 1974 when all the public offices were transferred to other places.

National Palace was declared a National Landmark in 1980 after all major branches of government were closed in 1974.

Blue Room (Salon Azul) at Palacio Nacional

When you walk around you will see a huge garden and in the middle 5 araucarias which represent each of the countries in America Central.

Nowadays it serves as a Museum of the 3 State Powers and also as a General National Archive.

When you are outside you will be able to see 2 statues of Cristobal Colón en Queen Isabel of Spain.
These statues have been at Palacio Nacional since Oct 12th, 1924 for the 432nd Aniversary of America's discovery.

Cristobal Colon Statue at Palacio NacionalQueen Isabel of Spain Statue at Palacio Nacional

Recently, Palacio Nacional has been the scenario of many important events in the recent history of the country like the  Inauguration of Bukele's Presidency and yesterday for the 1st time fireworks for the September 15th which is the Salvadorean Independence Day same day El Salvador shares with Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

It is also part of other cultural acts like the National Symphony. Since is in front of the Gerardo Barios Square.

Una publicación compartida de Andrés Enrique Escoto Castro (@andrescoto87) el

Opening Hours of the National Palace in El Salvador

From Tuesday to Thursday is open from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm
From Friday to Saturday is open from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm
Sundays from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm
Mondays Closed

Catedral Metropolitana from Palacio Nacional

Cost of visiting Palacio Nacional

The cost of visiting the Salvadorean National Palace is $3.00 and also it can be used for conferences at a price of $300.00. You can call to the Ministry of Culture at the number +503-2281-5860.

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National Palace El Salvador Photos

El Salvador National Palace one of the many fly of stairs

National Palace El Salvador garden

National Palace El Salvador itravy


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