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Bunker 42 - Moscow - A mysterious place to visit

Learn more about the life hidden underground of Moscow during World War II and the Cold War in one of the famous Bunkers in the world, Bunker 42.

Bunker 42 History 

Bunker 42, is a fortification underground facility, located in downtown Moscow. After the USA invented the mass destruction weapon, the USRR government decided to build not only a bunker but also their very own bomb to protect themselves from the enemy. 

In 1950 the SMU Mosmetrostroy company began the construction works of the Bunker. According to the nuclear test taken in 1949, in USRR, the ideal depth of the Bunker should've have been no less than 65 m in order to protect the country leaders from the damaging consequences of a nuclear blast. 

In 1952 the building of the main constructions of the bunker was done. By the summer of 1953, the environmental support systems were finished. From April of 1954, the first military and civilian communication operators started to work on the object. At the same time, the communication lines were laid and the necessary equipment was installed.

Through the years of 1955-1956 new communication channels were established with the new regiments and divisions of strategic bombers all over the country.

Three decades in a row, right up till 1986, the bunker was the command center of strategic bombers that had the ability to carry nuclear bombs on board. However, the bunker, which was constructed in the realities of the ’50s, couldn’t stand against modern weaponry.

Such an important object, as the command center of The Long-range air force, had to be transferred to a safer place. Just like the powerful Kremlin, our museum became a historical monument and opened its doors for visitors. To this day the object “Bunker-42” provides civilians with very important service. Everyday people descend to the depth of 65 meters, to feel the atmosphere of the “Cold war” time- period when the whole world was on the edge of The Nuclear War.

A Tour through the Cold War (Bunker-42 Moscow)

There are two main excursions: The Cold War (2200 rubles/adult and 1300 rubles/student) whose duration is 70 min, 5 people in the group max, and the Declassified Tour (1800 rubles/adult and 1000 rubles/student) whose duration is the same 70 minutes and 5 people in the group max.

For 500 rubles extra you can rent the audioguide which supports English.

What's the difference between The Cold War and The Declassified Tour

The difference between the two tours is simple, in "The Cold War" tour you'll visit Stalin's office, and The "Declassified" tour will introduce you to some interesting facts, which we will show you in our documentary about the Cold War. Finally, we'll show our special effects - imitation of a nuclear bomb explosion and nuclear missile launch that definitely won't leave you indifferent!

Bunker-42 Moscow Restaurant


If you don't like to take the tour through the Bunker 42-Museum but still would like to live the experience of being in a Bunker you can have a meal in the Restaurant which is also 65 meters underground.

You would be able to choose from various plates on the menu and also a buffet for you to eat as much as you can.

How to get to Bunker 42 - Moscow?

Bunker 42 is located at 5th Kotelnicheski Lane 11, the closest metro station to get there is Taganskaya (Line 5 and 7).

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